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Video Of The Week – Oysterhead

Oysterhead were a ‘Supergroup’ featuring Les Claypool (Primus), Stewart Copeland (The Police) & Trey Anastasio (Phish) that released their only album in 2001.

Check out Anastasio’s crazy guitar!

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Video Of The Week – Neil Peart Drum Solo

Well it has been a while, I have been in China where the music was bad and the internet is CENSORED which could soon be the case here in Australia…
So it’s nice to have this site, the Tube and lots of other sites back although I wish I was still over there on holidays.

Moving on, you may have seen this video before because it is fucking wow. I felt like watching it again today, so why not share it?

Neil Peart from Rush is an absolute machine on the drums and this kit is insane. Enjoy.


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TOP 5- King Crimson Albums

If you are a Prog Rock tragic like me, you probably love King Crimson too. So I thought I might add what my 5 favourite King Crimson albums are (no particular order and are subject to change, it’s not easy!).
King Crimson are a Progressive Rock band formed in 1969. King Crimson has gone through many different line up changes and some very different sounds in terms of what they previously sounded like and what other musicians sounded like.

Larks` Tongues In Aspic
It’s 1973 and once again Crimson has a new line up. This album is very experimental and has a vast range of sounds, from Jazz Fusion to a Metal/Hard Rock sounding theme. Some of the percussion and the violin is a new installation for Crimson which creates some great, strange sounds.

Tracks to search/listen to:
Larks’ Tongues In Aspic, Part II
Book Of Saturday

Released in 1974, Red is a very heavy and dark album, Red is powerful and has a surprising sound for King Crimson as songs like Red and One More Red Nightmare have a very Metal/ Hard Rock sound. The riff and percussion in One More Red Nightmare really comes out with a bang. Kurt Cobain once said this album had a major influence on his music.

Tracks to search/listen to:
All except Providence.

It’s 1981 and they have reformed with a new line up and a VERY different sound to previous incarnations. With Adrian Belew (guitar, vocals) and Tony Levin (Bass, Chapman Stick) brought in to team up with Fripp (guitar) and Bruford (drums) King Crimson now have a very Art Rock, or a New Wave like sound on top of Crimson’s Prog roots. Discipline opens with Levin on the Chapman Stick, and straight from the beginning of the album you can tell they have a very unique and new sound. Amazing instrumentals including midi guitars, the stick, electric drums and vocals reminiscent of David Byrne (who Belew recorded and played with) this album will raise your eye brow(s).

Tracks to search/listen to:
All of them.
Elephant Talk

In the Wake of Poseidon
Released in 1970 this album features many similarities to its predecessor (In The Court), which may be a good thing or a bad thing? You decide. It features a more dramatic concept with lyrics which are nailed perfectly to the musical themes and tones. The distinct Mellotron sounds that are used really create an interesting sound that can be a great replacement to strings if used well and in this instance they are. This album is not cherished by all Crimson fans, but I enjoy it and if I had to swap it I would probably go for Beat or Three Of A Perfect Pair.

Tracks to search/listen to:
Pictures of a City
Cadance and Cascade
In the Wake of Poseidon
Cat Food

In The Court Of The Crimson King
Well this album is just epic, it would definitely make my top 5 albums of all time, and it’s always hard to say what you believe are the best albums evar.
This album is instrumentally and lyrically genius, released in 1969 I can’t comprehend how mind blowing this record must have sounded in 1969. You will hear full, epic harmonies; insane, dark & eerie themes that fit the philosophical lyrics perfectly. The music is mind blowing or dare I say altering from beginning to end and you can truly hear the influence this album has on Prog bands today.

Tracks to search/listen to:
All of them, seriously.


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Video Of The Week

Video Of The Week is King Crimson’s Matte Kudasai from in 1982.

Adrian Belew’s sea gull simulation on his guitar is very impressive.
Matte Kudasai means “please wait” in Japanese.

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