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Les Paul RIP

Les Paul passed away yesterday and if it wasn’t for this man I think music would be sounding a lot different today.

I thought I would put up this video of him and Jimmy Page, as he was one of the many legendary guitarists who paid tribute to the man and iconically used the Gibson Les Paul, He was 94.


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Them Crooked Vultures

Crooked Vultures

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited and patiently waiting for some decent quality recordings to surface from this huge collaboration! I wish I was at the gig.
I sense that a viral marketing stint could surface, although probably not because this will naturally explode.

Josh Homme, Dave Grohl (playing drums like he should be) and John Paul Jones!

Watch these spots.


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Some Tracks/Playlist To Listen To Whilst Driving.

Here’s a pretty sweet list of songs I like to play whilst on a bit of a drive. I Couldn’t find everything online I would have hoped, there’s a fairly wide range of music/artists.

Enjoy.Clickity Click!

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