“Gimme Some Truth”- Lennon making Imagine

Stumbled in on a friend peeping this documentary (aired today on ABC2) and thought it was worth viewing… I figured Charlie wouldn’t be too down with me posting up an MJ tribute (we have to maintain our alternative reputation and all…) so I decided that instead I’d try and get away with some stuff from another fallen ‘pop’ idol. “Gimme some Truth” documents the making of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine”, I’m certainly not John’s biggest fan but this definately struck me as some pretty serious stuff in terms of it’s place in the annals. Yoko’s all over it like a rash (infact her level of influence throughout the whole process is rather surprising) but that’s expected I guess. Overall the footage seems pretty candid, highlight for me being legendary producer Phil Spektor’s cameo in the vocal booth with John for the classic ‘Oh Yoko’ (the mix engineer is struggling a little and it’s f**kin’ hilarious watching Lennon get his y-fronts in a bundle while Spektor stands around seemingly unaware of exactly where he is)… Oh and Miles Davis drops in for a brief moment just to show Lennon how much better he can rock an ensemble of tight threads!

Here’s part one and two, the rest become available at the clips end…

Enjoy. Hugh

PS. Thriller was f**ked up, bummer MJ…


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