Video Of The Week-Dangermouse “Somersault Remix”

Hey guys, it’s my turn to pick the video of the week (I think in my laziness I let a week slip by but hey what else would you expect from me). Dangermouse (or Brian Burton to his mum) is hotter than a French biscuit atm, his production collab with Sparklehorse has generated some serious buzz (not that he needed much more surrounding him, who heard Modern Guilt or Attack and Release???). But (as Im sure you are all already aware) it was his fine sample based work on the Grey Album (Jay-z Accapellas over beats constructed from samples sourced only from The Beatles White Album) that lit the wick on his ‘super-producer’ canon. So as a toast to his fine sample chopping skills, I’ve chosen his Remix of Zero-7‘s ‘Somersault’ featuring his DangerDoom collaborator, the multi-syllable, synonym twister MF Doom. The female vocalist is the very talented, very beautiful, very Aus*fcukin’*stralian Sia Furler!!! Peep her myspace HERE or check some more of the work she’s done with Zero-7 for some seriously sublime down-tempo mood setters…

Anyway here’s the vid (and a copy of the original track, not sure what the deal is with the image in the remix but it’s pretty easy on the eyes, its actually moving if you watch closely too… crazy).
*Notice how Danger seamlessly flips the groove of the original track from a waltz to a 4/4 hand clappin’, hip hoppin’ break, truly a whizz with the sampler!*




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One response to “Video Of The Week-Dangermouse “Somersault Remix”

  1. ivana

    oh oh oh, very nice. i only ever knew that breathe me song by sia i didn’t know she did sung for zero 7. i like!

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