Why take the bus when you could ride the Spike Jonze bandwagon?

I’m not too sure what gives someone the right amount of cultural capitol that they become what we Gen Y/Echo Boomers like to call ‘scene’ but it seems Spike Jonze has it! I don’t mean to sound bitter and I’m certainly not here to cut Spike’s stem at the poppy flower, I just thought it would be nice to post some of the amazing work he’s done with musicians (rather than jizz over the trailer for Where The Wild Things are… ). If you are unaware of both Jonze and UNKLE this clip is a pretty good introduction to both. UNKLE is the brainchild of British DJ/Producer James Lavelle, here’s a link to their website UNKLE if your digging the sound of this track they’ve got plenty more allstar collab tracks that’ll keep your head swirling in awesomeness (the new album is apparently in the works atm). The footage is taken from the Lakai skate film Fully Flared which Jonze directed, well worth a peep… The vocalist on the track is Gavin Clark from British group Clayhill… To all the anti-“action sports” (for lack of a better term) haters out there be patient with this one it’s pretty incredible, enjoy.

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