Good evening cyberspace, Hugh here!

My first ever post on our new blog Devotion. How exciting!!! If you told me a year ago I was going to be starting a blog I probably would of painfully severed my arms at the wrists, forever disabling my ability to type (If I’d got desperate I would’ve just asked my Mum to dictate for me, she’s pretty handy… Excuse the pun! Wow that’s one ZING! worthy joke already in the bank for Hugh). Anyway times have changed and now here I am in the process of losing my virtual V-Plates (your rambling, relax Hugh, she doesn’t know it’s your first time…) and I hope for all our sakes this is the longest my pre-post banter gets. Basically, Charlie’s opening post said it best. We’re here to blog about music, music we are feelin’ that we think, maybe, you might too. We’re not claiming to be musicians, critics, cock handlers or writers, just two guys who enjoy putting on headphones. So on that note I move on from this f**king horribly self-involved ‘Carrie Bradshawesque’ monologue to the music, hope you enjoy our posts and find a new song, artist or whatever that makes you happy… Keep listening,

PS. Your probably asking “where the tunes at???”. I’m a few lines into a review as we speak, should be up tomorrow but in the meantime here’s a preview of the new David Axelrod Live DVD. I picked it up a couple days ago but need more time to absorb it before I give you a review, so far though it’s been mind bending (good mind bending of course). Although you may not know Axelrod by title, anyone who’s ever kicked it to Dre’s 2001, bobbed head to some Jurrassic 5 or zoned out to DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing… has probably unknowingly digested some Axelrod funk! Enjoy and be sure to check out Charlie’s Video of the Week, King Crimson wiggin’ balls!


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  1. Schnell

    Burri on a burri! mate fresh blog, really diggin your vibe. also diggin the new fat freddy’s…maybe a post about it ey? out. x

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